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The People Demand Answers!! February 2013

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The Q and A is back for more!


The first question I have relates to some of my speed training clients, especially hockey players going to dry land for the first time in a long time….

My shins are absolutely killing me, how do I make shin splints go away?

Shin splints occur for multiple reasons. One might have poor biomechanics, an imbalance in the lower leg or tightness in the lower leg. The first plan of attack is to reduce swelling and soreness by icing and light massage. Then you need to take on the soft tissue in the lower leg with foam rolling, massage and stretching. After that, make sure the anterior and posterior muscles are each getting adequate work. For most people that will mean adding some tibialis anterior work (resisted dorsiflexion) since calves are often overworked. So put a little extra work into your lower legs and your shin splints will be easier to control.

At what point will the foam roller hurt me?

A young athlete running at the track was complaining of tightness so I showed him how to use a foam roller. After using it for about 10 minutes, he was afraid it may hurt him. The truth is, extended use of a foam roller really won’t hurt you but it also won’t continue to give you benefits. The main goal is to promote blood flow and return elasticity to the fascia (soft tissue enveloping muscles) and muscle fibers. Generally the foam roller helps with mobility, flexibility and recovery. So once you’ve used it for a few minutes you’ve probably already received its benefit. The only risk would be bruising but you would need a lot of pressure and a very hard object. If you’ve never used one, try adding in a few minutes pre workout and watch you positioning improve!

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I’ve been eating low fat foods and haven’t been losing weight, what gives?

I feel like the word is slowly getting out, but it’s still not there yet; Fat is NOT the enemy – unless it’s transfat or everything you eat is deep fried. The truth is, most individuals, especially if they’re fat loss clients, could benefit from increased fat intake and decreased carbohydrate intake. As mentioned in Carb Timing, starches and sugars should be saved for post workout times. If you stick to protein, fats and veggies for most meals of the day then fat loss will come more easily. I mean you’ll still have to exercise and not overeat, but at least you can just do those consistently and you’ll lean right out. The point of a low carbohydrate diet is to reach what’s called nutritional ketosis. This is the point where your body switches from glycogen for energy to ketones which come from fat stores. In order to reach that point though, we need to significantly reduce carbohydrate intake ( <=50g/day). At that point, even though we’re starting to use up fat stores for energy, we still need additional fat intake to meet energy demand. For that reason, you can’t really have low carb and low fat, it just won’t work. If you decrease carbohydrate intake you must increase fat intake of all types.


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It’s About Getting Better!


Want Free Physio?

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How many times have you heard a friend or training partner complain about some body issues? Tightness, Soreness, numbness, weakness, you name it; I hear it all the time. But the problem is, who is qualified to fix it? Of course you’ll run to the physio or a well qualified personal trainer, but what if I told you that you can fix many problems yourself or at least reduce the risk of further injury? Well you definitely can. As long as you’re willing to spend 10-20 minutes, multiple times a week maintaining your body, many little problems can be avoided. Think that’s tough? Think about how much time you’ll waste later when you’re walking with a cane or needing to replace important parts of your body! Not only that but most of these things can be done in front of the tv.

Didn't Maintain

So now to the good stuff, what exactly are you supposed to be doing? First of all, you need to go to an amazing website put on by physio guru Kelly Starrett, HERE named mobilitywod. Not only is Kelly a genius, but he’s down with all that crazy stuff that us athletes and weekend warriors put ourselves through. His site, MobilityWOD is a site where he posts a video and/or blog post every day with a daily maintenance task we’ll call it. It’s generally a new body part or movement pattern each day and comprises of foam/ball rolling, stretching, band resisted activation or stretching and various other techniques. If you don’t have a strong grasp of anatomy and physiology, he may talk over your head a little bit but there is so much to learn nonetheless.

A few things you’ll probably need. First, a small collection of tools will help you do most of these things. You’ll need a small ball, preferably solid. Start with something like a tennis ball and work up in stiffness to a lacrosse ball. Then you’ll need a foam roller if you don’t already have one. Also, for many of these things he uses certain bands. I will leave links below where you can find all of these things. For now, start watching and learning! There are over 280 videos already and I’m sure something will fit in with one of your issues. Make sure to follow his timing guidelines and test/retest everything to make sure you’re doing it right and it’s working. Remember, if you’re not getting better, you’re probably getting worse!

NOTE: Keep in mind that this site is not a substitute for a trained physiotherapist for serious physical issues. If you have significant issues that need help, be sure to contact a sports doctor or physiotherapist.  Also, if you do not feel comfortable doing things on your own be sure to seek help.

It’s about Getting Better.


The Grid-

These are two products that I like specifically, but other foam rollers and bands will do the trick. You can check out perform better for all kinds of fitness products!

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