Lean Eating: Breakfast

Did you make a resolution to burn fat or build muscle?  Or maybe you’re hardcore and have been grinding for a while.  Either way,  I might just have a tip to put you over the edge.  The secret…  Nutrition!  OK,  OK, you’ve heard that; you’ve also heard about what to eat after your workout. I’m here to fix breakfast. 

So you go the gym after work and you had a post workout shake,  but guess what?  You put on fat before 10am.  That’s not exactly a recipe for success. What I tend to see is that people either don’t eat breakfast, or they eat crap. The last thing you need is an insulin spike right after you get up. Avoid sugars and high carbohydrates. Most people don’t need or want a lot to eat at breakfast,  it’s just about breaking the fast and halting muscle breakdown.  Get some protein to repair and maintain Lean muscle mass and add some healthy fats to slow digestion and break down fat soluble vitamins. Cut the cereals, toast, bagels, waffles and pancakes; it’s time to take your body to the next level.


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So what should you eat? Here are 3 starter ideas that you can customize to be your new lean breakfast masterpiece.

Eggs – These magical orbs are packed with protein and healthy fats.  Don’t cut out the yokes,  that’s where much of the good stuff lies.  They can be prepared a myriad ways and are great on the go. Try eggs with avocado slices or scrambled eggs with spinach and shredded cheese.



Cottage cheese/Greek yogurt – These are both dairy based and contain tons of protein.  Try having either of these with Shaved/chopped almonds thrown in and possibly some fruit.

Smoothie/protein shake – If you’re a natural food lover this will be low on your list,  but if you’re looking for some quick protein this might just be for you. Get yourself something to blend smoothies and the possibilities will be endless. Start with protein powder and some fruit,  add some kind of fats (almond butter,  light tasting olive oil, avocado) and throw in a healthy vegetable or two (frozen spinach will be almost tasteless) . That’s all it takes for a powerhouse healthy breakfast. 

Eating breakfast doesn’t have to be tough.  Don’t let an early morning or being tired be an excuse to ruin your goals.

Remember,  it’s about getting better! 


3 Responses to “Lean Eating: Breakfast”

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  2. […] eat sooooo much”. In the end, we all need to make better food choices. We’ve discussed breakfast, but lunch just might be the only thing […]

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