The Egg has been SPLIT!

Hello REP-ies,

Big news, Razor’s Edge Performance is now in two cities instead of one! I (Kyle) have moved back to Ottawa to pursue a few opportunities. This new move will make Razor’s Edge available to a whole new demographic of clients.



So for everyone I met or worked with in Toronto, thank you and keep working hard.  If you know anyone in Ottawa who’s looking for training, supplements, advice or some networking, send them here! I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with some old friends and people I worked with before, as well as blazing a new trail the same way we have in Toronto.

If you want to get in contact with me or share this with your friends/family, shoot me an email:

I’m really looking forward to working with some new clients and showing them the Razor’s Edge Performance difference!

Come on Ottawa…

It’s About Getting Better!





One Response to “The Egg has been SPLIT!”

  1. Gilbert Dube Says:

    Hi, I worked in construction for almost 25 years before returning to school and then getting a cushy office job. I’m 5’10” and during my construction years, I held my weight at 190 – 205 lbs, depending on the season. I’d get huskier in winter and would loose the extra weight when the hot weather came and my appetite wasn’t as strong.
    Since starting my office job 13 years ago, my weight ballooned to 225lbs. not that much but my physical make up also changed, I have much less muscle. In order to deal with this, I tried running but it was too hard on my knees so I stopped but continued walking ~5 km / day. For the best part of 6 years, I’ve been walking which has stabilized my weight but I’ll like to get down to 185 or less, even 165lbs. I know that going from 210lbs to 165lbs is a lot but I believe it would be much better for me as I’m 57 years old now and won’t need all the extra weight, nor the size.
    I also injured my left shoulder last summer and it may need surgery, I’ll know later this fall, plus I’ve wanted to loose weight since starting the office job. My weight is currently 205-210 and is very stable, so much so that I can’t seem to get below the 200 mark, something I haven’t managed in over 13 to 15 years. Would you be able to help me and how would you go about doing that; logistically?

    One other thing, my 18 year old son has a GymMax membership in Buckingham Qc, he’s tall and slim, 5’11” 155lbs. he has very little fat, he works out 3-5 times/week doing free weights and he takes a “crétine” drink before his workout because he wants to bulk up his arms and upper torso,,,what can you recommend or advise. Is he doing it right, is there something else he could do to improve the results/
    Any information you provide will be examined closely and very appreciated. Thank you Kyle for your time and for caring.
    Gilbert Dubé <>

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