Maximizing Your Workout

I’m often surprised to find that people will kill themselves in the gym,  class, or sport and then forget or simply not know how essential it is to refuel your body afterwards. The Post Workout window is probably THE most important period of time to focus on specific nutrition. Don’t get me wrong, nutrition is important all the time, but if you’re not ingesting the right things after your workout, you’re seriously holding yourself back.

Not Exactly What We're Looking For

If you’re looking for a good guide of what to eat, check out our post workout nutrition guide  HERE .

Remember, the post workout window is crucial for ingesting the right type of nutrients to maximize recovery. Studies have shown that proper post workout nutrition can aid muscle gain as well as fat loss.

Stop eating the fries, kraft dinner or candy and get some proper ratios of carbs to protein. If  you’re really keen, start taking a post workout shake and start getting the results you want!

It’s about getting better!

… In the gym and the kitchen


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