Front Squats Are The Bee’s Knees!

I was in the middle of a set of front squats one time when a guy came up to me and asked how I do that. He said he sees athletes doing them all the time but he thinks they look so hard. Here’s the truth…he’s right and he’s right. Athletes do them all the time, and they CAN be hard. They don’t have to be hard to learn though.

Here are the advantages of front squatting..

1) Takes a huge portion of the load off of the spine…

2) Requires great use of core musculature to maintain posture

3) When done right, can allow for “ass-to-grass” squatting more easily than the back squat

Here are the disadvantages of the front squat…

1) It can be uncomfortable (boo hoo)

2) You won’t be able to lift as much as your back squat (is that a big deal?….no)

So I think we know which side wins…LEARN TO FRONT SQUAT

And here is a little video on some simple progressions.

Remember to keep the hips back, chest tall, and drive your elbows up….

If you want to see a heavy front squat in action, We both recently hit PR’s on the front squat!

Check out Cory’s video HERE
Check out Kyle’s video HERE


3 Responses to “Front Squats Are The Bee’s Knees!”

  1. Great vid. I like the onlooker watching you squat in the mirror at the end. Way to draw a crowd guys. Hope this helps my ass to grass. Bookmarked!

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