The Pursuit of Awesomeness

Let’s start off with a definition to make sure we’re all on the same page here. Awesome – to inspire awe. Pretty simple, so why is it so hard to find?? As a trainer, my first session with a new client is basically an interview. Question 1: What is it you’re looking for exactly?? Whenever I hear the response, “to get/be healthier”, I call bullshit right off the bat. Let’s face it, you’re not dropping all that cash and time to be healthier. For that, I’ll tell you to stop smoking, drinking, ingesting chemicals, and taking the elevator. Problem solved. So what do you really want? Athletic performance? More muscle? Less fat? There’s usually something specific which was important enough for you to actually seek out a professional. The difference between those who achieve their goals and those who don’t is the pursuit of awesomeness.

We at Razor’s Edge feel so strongly towards this idea that we even have a lead developer of awesomeness (thanks Zak). He’s basically a consultant to make sure what we’ve been doing is awesome and what we will continue to do is awesome; he’s earned this title by being awesome himself. Our clients are basically divided into two categories, athletes and non-athletes. Most athletes are focused on sports performance and most non-athletes on body composition/aesthetics. The other real difference is in their drive and dedication. Why is that? They want to be awesome. They have found something in their lives where they are completely dedicated to being awesome at that particular endeavor. That makes all the difference. So for those who are lacking in the awesomeness category, you need to search yourself and find that particular thing. It can be whatever you want, but until you find something that you want to be awesome at you’ll never really put in the effort necessary to achieve your goals. You’re not going to build muscle/lose fat by going through the motions. You need to work hard in the gym, eat well, sleep well and reduce stress. Coming to me for an hour or two a week will not give you what you’re looking for and that looks bad for both of us. Plus, if you know specifically what you want, it makes my job much simpler. How do you know if you’re on the right track? Go back to the definition. You need to inspire awe in someone else (and yourself as well!). Some examples…”Wow you look awesome!”…”You can do 5 pullups? That’s Awesome”…”Look how high you jumped/fast you ran, that was Awesome!”… To summarize this entire post, here’s a quotation from Barney Stinson:


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