How To Get Big…Or Not

If you look around the gym, or take a poll of all the members, you will realize that 90% of the people there are worried about one thing, and that’s size. Some people want to grow, and get huge, and others are looking to shrink. Lastly, some are trying to stay the same size but look a little bit better. Not too many people are there only for performance. It’s disappointing to hear, I know, but that’s the reality and I can cope with that. Now i’m going to share the secret to getting bigger…it’s your diet. The secret to getting smaller? You got it…your diet.

I know a lot of you are wondering about workout routines, cardio type, or nutritional supplements, but i’m about to disappoint you. The true determinant of your results lies in the number of calories you take in each day.

So many women come into the gym, start an exercise program, then say “I just don’t want to look huge!”. The truth is, no matter how heavy you lift, or how many days a week you do resistance training, if you don’t have enough nutrients to build, you just wont. The formula is simple. If you have excess calories, your body uses them to build. When those calories are quality nutrients, and you are providing your body with a good workout stimulus, your body will build lean mass. When those calories are garbage and you aren’t getting an appropriate training effect, your body will store body fat.

Now let’s look at the opposite. If you aren’t taking in enough calories, you will shrink. If you are training appropriately and taking in the right nutrients to feed your muscles, then you will burn off that stubborn body fat. If you aren’t taking in enough calories, and there isn’t enough protein to feed your muscle mass, you will lose just as much muscle as fat. This means you become a smaller version of the same person. If you are training because you want to change your body, then this last option isn’t for you.

Now, within this framework, if you have the right caloric intake for your daily nutrition, then it is time to tweak your workout program and worry about supplement strategies that are proven to be effective.  Unless we are talking about steroids or growth hormone, no supplements can make up for being on the wrong side of the calorie equation.

Men, if you are trying to put on some mass and are struggling, you need to eat another meal, take a weight gainer shake, or a shot of olive oil (it works). Women, if you are lifting weights and you don’t want to get ‘too big’, then make sure you aren’t overeating. It’s as simple as that, so make sure you aren’t making the biggest mistake in the book!

Remember, it’s about getting better!


2 Responses to “How To Get Big…Or Not”

  1. Check out Eric Berg, DC’s book, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning. I think you’ll find some great information in his book. I used to coach from a calorie perspective but I’ve had more success helping others from a health perspective. While I agree calories are important, getting the body healthy is a higher priority. A healthy body will tell you how much to eat.

    God bless you and keep up the good blog!

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