Why “It’s About Getting Better!”…

Here at Razor’s Edge Performance, we chose the slogan “It’s About Getting Better!”.  When we got all the business type stuff taken care of, like logo, slogan, website, etc., we wanted to choose a phrase that really described our outlook on the whole industry. So today I am going to share with you what that outlook is.

It’s a very simple phrase, and definitely a very broad statement. Getting better can mean quite a few things and that is exactly the approach we wanted to start with. First of all, there is so much that goes into the human performance industry. Nutrition, strength training, sport performance, rest and recovery, supplementation, and focus/mindset. Focusing on one of these aspects at the exclusion of another could be taking you two steps back for every one step forward. While it’s impossible to be an expert in all phases of the game, it is possible to strive for a better level of understanding in all of these aspects on a daily basis. Improvement in any one area can make someone better at whatever it is they do.

Simplicity. In everything we do, we know that goal setting can be a very important step for success. Those who know more about psychology know that the best goals are specific, measurable, and time sensitive. While I truly believe this to be true, I find people get too focused on certain aspects of fitness along the way. Let’s say for example that you want to lose 10 lbs of body fat. You set that goal with a time frame of 4 months. Too often, people look at every bit of food they eat and every exercise they do and ask how is this helping me lose fat? What is forgotten in all this is that sometimes focus needs to be somewhere else before we can efficiently and effectively drop our body fat. Let’s take movement quality as an example. If we slow things down, and focus on improving mobility and stability in certain joints and muscles, we can really improve the way our body functions. Once this happens, there are a wide variety of new, more intense exercises we can use, and we will use our muscles more effectively in everything we do. These two factors can really amplify the results we get out of each training session. In turn, your ability to alter body composition will be greatly increased. While the overarching goal is to lose body fat, it’s important to remember that on a daily basis, we are just trying to get better, one way or another. 

Success in anything is a journey. Especially when we are talking about performance in sports, performance in the weight room, or body transformation. If we can do one thing to get better everyday, we improve the chances that we will finish that journey with a positive outcome. Don’t get bogged down by a singular focus. Set goals, and work towards them, but don’t be afraid to deviate some days in order to improve yourself in another way. If you didn’t meet one of your expectations on any given day, before you get disheartened, think about the rest of the puzzle. If you were able to improve something else (daily food choices, movement quality, etc.) then you know you are still getting better. That makes it a good day! It’s About Getting Better!


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