Making Health and Fitness Matter

I see it all the time. Someone signs up to a gym to change the way they look, change the way they feel, or change the way they move. There is a desire to lose 10 pounds, add some significant muscle, or get over some aches and pains that won’t go away. No matter what the goal, there is always a blueprint to follow to make it a reality. It’s just a matter of committing to that goal.

Here is the problem. Too often, when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it, I hear the dreaded words. “I’m too busy for that…”

Sometimes it’s about making sound nutritional choices every single day. Sometimes it’s about doing the little things like taking the stairs, walking an extra block, or mowing the lawn/shovelling the driveway. 

Most of all though, it’s about making health and fitness a priority. Make it a hobby to go to the gym. Take up hiking, walking, cycling, swimming, or rock climbing.

Our health is the one thing that stays with us forever. We retire from jobs, we move cities, and we read different books. Yet from the day we are born to the day we die, our health determines our quality of life. If you are sincere about changing your body and the way that it operates, you need to make health and fitness a priority. Don’t go to the gym once a week to see your trainer because you have to. Desire to be better at certain exercises. Want to notice the difference walking up the stairs with increased leg strength. Enjoy the idea that walking the extra block is making a difference to your wellbeing.

The next time you tell yourself, or someone else, that you are trying to make a change in your life in regards to your health, make sure you look inside yourself and ask “What have I done today to get better?”

When you can knowingly do something everyday that will contribute positively to your health, you know it’s been a great day!


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